UI components (activities, fragments and views).


AnnotationCreatorInputDialogFragment.OnAnnotationCreatorSetListener This listener interface needs to be implemented by any class that wishes to handle AnnotationCreatorInputDialogFragment specific dialog events. 
DocumentCoordinator Coordinates loading and display of multiple documents in PdfActivity
DocumentCoordinator.OnDocumentCoordinatorEmptyListener Listener for the last document being removed from the DocumentCoordinator
DocumentCoordinator.OnDocumentsChangedListener Listener for changes made to documents managed by DocumentCoordinator
DocumentCoordinator.OnDocumentVisibleListener Listener for document becoming visible in the DocumentCoordinator
FloatingHintEditText.EditTextListener Listener interface for events on the FloatingHintEditText
PageObjectProvider Base class for PdfDrawableProvider and OverlayViewProvider
PdfOutlineView.DocumentOutlineProvider Interface to objects that provide outline elements. 
PdfOutlineView.OnAnnotationTapListener Annotation list tap listener. 
PdfOutlineView.OnOutlineElementTapListener Outline element tap listener. 
PdfPasswordView.OnPasswordSubmitListener Listener for entered password being submitted. 
PdfThumbnailBar.OnPageChangedListener Listener for receiving page changes caused by the user touching or dragging the PdfThumbnailBar
PdfThumbnailGrid.OnDocumentSavedListener Listener for document saving inside PdfThumbnailGrid
PdfThumbnailGrid.OnPageClickListener Listener for observing a PdfThumbnailGrid page click. 
PdfUi The API that is shared between PdfActivity and PdfUiFragment
PopupToolbar.OnPopupToolbarItemClickedListener Listener for menu item clicks. 
PSPDFKitViews Interface for convenient access to views in a PSPDFKit activity. 
PSPDFKitViews.PSPDFView Shared interface of all auxiliary views (search view, thumbnail bar, grid, etc.) that are hosted inside the PdfActivity


AnnotationCreatorInputDialogFragment AnnotationCreatorInputDialogFragment facilitates setting the annotation creator. 
AppCompatTextViewTint TextView class that extends support to drawable tint for Android API lower than 23 by using style attribute pspdf__drawableTint
DocumentDescriptor Describes a document and its UI state. 
EmptyPdfActivityView The view that is displayed in the PdfActivity when no document is set. 
FloatingHintEditText An AppCompatEditText extension containing a floating hint text, a colored underline and bottom error text. 
FloatingHintPasswordEditText An AppCompatEditText extension for passwords containing a floating hint text, a colored underline and bottom error text. 
LocalizedButton This is a Button that will use registered LocalizationListener to localize its contents. 
LocalizedEditText This is an EditText that will use registered LocalizationListener to localize its contents. 
LocalizedSwitch This is a Switch that will use registered LocalizationListener to localize its contents. 
LocalizedTextView This is a TextView that will use registered LocalizationListener to localize its contents. 
PdfActivity Activity with fully integrated views and behaviour. 
PdfActivityIntentBuilder Builder used for creating an intent for starting PdfActivity
PdfFocusRelativeLayout Implements custom focus searching logic to make keyboard navigation in PdfActivity more intuitive. 
PdfFragment Fragment that actually displays the PDF document. 
PdfFrameLayout Custom implementation of framework FrameLayout that correctly supports window insets. 
PdfMediaDialog A dialog used for displaying media playback. 
PdfOutlineView A layout containing the tab on the top and a view pager for switching between the outline, the list of annotations and the bookmarks. 
PdfOutlineView.OutlinePagerAdapter A state pager adapter controlling the pager items (outline view and annotation list view) that saves and restores View states. 
PdfPasswordView Password view used when accessing password protected documents. 
PdfReaderView Reader View component containing a styled web view for showing the reflowed text. 
PdfThumbnailBar Bar showing thumbnails of pages for quick selection. 
PdfThumbnailGrid Scrollable grid view of document pages. 
PdfUiFragment Experimental API - Might change in the future. 
PdfUiFragmentBuilder Builder used for creating an PdfUiFragment
PdfYouTubeActivity An activity for displaying YouTube content within the PDF. 
PopupToolbar A class used for displaying a toolbar as a popup. 
ViewStatePagerAdapter A simple implementation of PagerAdapter that automatically saves and restores view states when returning to pages previously removed and after view pager's state restoration. 


PSPDFKitViews.Type Known auxiliary view types.