Views supported in property inspector.


BorderStylePickerInspectorView.BorderStylePickerListener Listener for border style changes. 
ColorPickerInspectorView.ColorPickerDetailView Interface implemented by the different color picker detail views. 
ColorPickerInspectorView.ColorPickerListener Listener for color changes. 
FontPickerInspectorView.FontPickerListener Listener for font changes. 
LineEndTypePickerInspectorView.LineEndTypePickerListener Listener for line end type being picked. 
OptionPickerInspectorView.OnOptionPickedListener Listener for option selection changes. 
PrecisionPickerInspectorView.PrecisionPickerListener Listener for precision value being picked. 
ScaleCalibrationPickerInspectorView.CalibrationPickerListener Listener for calibration value being picked. 
ScalePickerInspectorView.ScalePickerListener Listener for scale value being picked. 
SliderPickerInspectorView.SliderPickerListener Listener for picked values. 
SnappingPickerInspectorView.SnappingPickerListener Listener for snapping setting change. 
TextInputInspectorView.TextInputListener Listener for picked values. 
TogglePickerInspectorView.TogglePickerListener Listener for toggle changes. 
ZIndexInspectorView.ZIndexChangeListener Listener for z-index order changes. 


BorderStylePickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking line styles. 
BorderStylePreset Preset for border styles. 
ColorPickerInspectorDetailView Detail view of the ColorPickerInspectorView used in PropertyInspector
ColorPickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking colors. 
CustomColorPickerInspectorDetailView Detail view for the ColorPickerInspectorView that provides options for the user to set custom colors. 
EraserPreviewInspectorView Inspector view used for displaying eraser preview. 
FontPickerInspectorDetailView Detail view of the FontPickerInspectorView used in PropertyInspector
FontPickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking fonts. 
FreeTextAnnotationPreviewInspectorView Inspector view used for displaying free-text annotation preview in annotation creation mode. 
InkAnnotationPreviewInspectorView Inspector view used for displaying annotation preview in annotation creation mode. 
LineEndTypePickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking line end type. 
MeasurementValueInspectorView Inspector component for displaying the measurement text value. 
OptionPickerInspectorView Picker for picking values from fixed list of options. 
PrecisionPickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking number of decimal points for float value rounding. 
PropertyInspectorDividerDecoration PropertyInspector decoration providing simple dividers between items. 
RedactionAnnotationPreviewInspectorView Inspector view used for displaying redaction annotation preview. 
ScaleCalibrationPickerInspectorView Inspector component for setting measurement scale via calibration picker. 
ScalePickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking measurement annotation scale. 
ShapeAnnotationPreviewInspectorView Annotation inspector preview for shape annotations (line, square, circle etc.). 
SliderPickerInspectorView Picker with slider for picking numbers from integer range. 
SnappingPickerInspectorView Inspector component for turning snap to page graphics on or off for measurement annotations. 
TextInputInspectorView Inspector component for entering some text. 
TogglePickerInspectorView Inspector component for selecting boolean values. 
ZIndexInspectorView Property inspector view with z-index movement buttons.