Bottom sheet action menus.


ActionMenuListener Listener for action menu lifecycle and click events. 
DefaultSharingMenu.SharingMenuListener Callback for actions performed inside sharing menu. 
SharingMenu.SharingMenuListener Listener for being notified of UI events on a SharingMenu


ActionMenu Bottom sheet menu showing a list of actions. 
ActionMenuItem Represents item inside ActionMenu
DefaultSharingMenu Displays fixed actions for printing and opening documents in addition to standard share actions shown in SharingMenu
FixedActionMenuItem Specialization of ActionMenuItem representing single fixed menu action inside ActionMenu
SharingMenu Bottom sheet menu displaying list of targets for sharing a document. 
SharingMenuItem Specialization of ActionMenuItem representing single share target inside SharingMenu
SimpleActionMenuListener Empty implementation for ActionMenuListener


ActionMenuItem.MenuItemType Supported types of action menu items.