Various Signer implementations.


InteractiveSigner Interface of a Signer that requires user interaction during the signing process. 
InteractiveSigner.LoadingFeedbackListener Callback for notifying the user of important events that could happen during private key loading. 
PrivateKeySigner.OnPrivateKeyLoadedCallback Callback for subclasses to provide the private key used for signing. 
Signer.OnSigningParametersReadyCallback Callback passed to prepareSigningParameters(OnSigningParametersReadyCallback) whenever a signing process was initiated and the signer needs to load its SignatureProvider


ContainedSignaturesSigner Signer for contained signatures workflow. 
MemorySigner A Signer that uses a given KeyStore.PrivateKeyEntry to sign documents. 
Pkcs12Signer A Signer that loads the signing certificate from a PKCS12 file. 
PrivateKeySigner A Signer implementation for digitally signing PDFs using a KeyStore.PrivateKeyEntry. 
Signer Represents a signer (person and algorithm) used to digitally sign a document. 
SignerOptions Contains all the data needed to perform a signing operation. 
SignerOptions.Builder A helper class used for building the SignerOptions