Digital signatures.


DocumentSignatureInfo Contains information about signatures of a document. 


BiometricSignatureData Biometric data of a Signature
BiometricSignatureData.Builder Builder for BiometricSignatureData
DigitalSignatureInfo A digital signature stored inside a PDF document. 
DigitalSignatureInfo.BuildData Build data dictionary of a software that created the digital signature. 
DigitalSignatureInfo.Reference Signature reference dictionary. 
DigitalSignatureValidationResult Detailed status about validity of a DigitalSignatureInfo
DigitalSignatureValidator Validates digital signatures. 
Signature Represents a single signature (or signature item). 
SignatureAppearance Configures the appearance of digital signatures that are added to the document. 
SignatureAppearance.Builder A helper class used for building the SignatureAppearance
SignatureAppearance.SignatureGraphic Contains the graphic that will be used as the signature. 
SignatureManager Handles digital signature certificates. 
SignatureMetadata Additional metadata that can be added to digital signatures. 
SignatureMetadata.Builder A helper class used for building the SignatureMetadata


BiometricSignatureData.InputMethod Types of input devices that for creating a signature. 
DigitalSignatureInfo.ReferenceTransformMethod List of possible transformation methods of a DigitalSignatureInfo.Reference
DigitalSignatureValidationResult.CertificateStatus Status of the certificate that was used for signing the document. 
DigitalSignatureValidationResult.DocumentIntegrityStatus Status of the signed document. 
DigitalSignatureValidationResult.ValidationProblem Problems that prevented proper validation of a signature. 
EncryptionAlgorithm Encryption algorithm used for digitally signing a PDF. 
FilterSubtype A filter sub type refers to an encoding or format that was used to create the signature. 
HashAlgorithm Hash algorithm for digesting PDF data as part of a digital signing process. 
SignatureAppearance.SignatureAppearanceMode Controls how the digital signature will appear after signing. 
SigningStatus Result of signing operation. 
ValidationStatus Represents overall validation status. 


SigningFailedException Thrown by Signer when signing of a document failed.