Listeners and callbacks for hooking into PSPDFKit.


DocumentListener Listeners for document events on the the PdfFragment
DocumentSigningListener Listener for digital signing events when using the SignatureSignerDialog
LocalizationListener Listener that allows SDK UI strings to be localized programmatically. 
OnDocumentLongPressListener Listener for document long press events on the the PdfFragment
OnPreparePopupToolbarListener Listener for getting notified of when the popup toolbar is being prepared to be displayed. 
OnVisibilityChangedListener Listener for receiving visibility changes of PSPDFKit views. 
PdfActivityListener This listener allows PdfActivity to receive document events. 


DefaultLocalizationListener Default implementation of a LocalizationListener which just calls through to default Android localization methods in android.content.res.Resources class and picks up strings from XML files. 
OnVisibilityChangedListenerManager Collection of multiple OnVisibilityChangedListener objects. 
SimpleDocumentListener Empty implementation of the DocumentListener interface.