Exception types like PSPDFKitException and all of its subtypes.


InvalidLayoutException Thrown when the used layout is missing a required view, or makes wrong use of internal view ids. 
InvalidPasswordException Thrown when attempting to open a password protected PDF document with wrong password. 
InvalidPSPDFKitLicenseException Thrown when invalid license is passed during PSPDFKit initialization. 
InvalidSignatureException Thrown when attempting to open a document using an invalid signature. 
InvalidThemeException Thrown when the used Context uses a theme incompatible with PSPDFKit. 
MissingDependencyException Thrown when the dependency is missing from the project. 
PSPDFKitException Top level class for all PSPDFKit exceptions. 
PSPDFKitInitializationFailedException Thrown when current device isn't supported by PSPDFKit (Android version too old, wrong ABI). 
PSPDFKitNotInitializedException Thrown when PSPDFKit calls are invoked without initializing the SDK first.