PDF sharing support.


DocumentSharingProviderProcessor.PdfProcessorProgressListener Listener for PdfProcessor progress updates used when preparing PdfDocument for sharing. 
SharingOptionsProvider Allows you to provide default share options when the user hits the share button in the toolbar. 


DefaultDocumentSharingController Default implementation of DocumentSharingController
DefaultEmbeddedFileSharingController This class is deprecated. Deprecated since this class does not provide any more logic on top of the base DefaultDocumentSharingController. Use DefaultDocumentSharingController instead.  
DocumentSharingController Base class for sharing controllers. 
DocumentSharingIntentHelper Helper for creating share intents. 
DocumentSharingManager Manager for handling pdf document sharing to other applications. 
DocumentSharingProvider Provider allowing access to shared files. 
DocumentSharingProviderProcessor Prepares data in DocumentSharingProvider for sharing via Android's share framework. 
ShareTarget Defines single target for share action. 
SharingOptions Options for document processing during the sharing process. 


ShareAction Defines supported share actions.