Document manipulation, annotation flattening, page extraction, etc.


NewPage.OnDrawCanvasCallback Callback passed to fromCanvas(Size, OnDrawCanvasCallback) to perform the drawing on the document canvas. 


NewPage Settings for new page to be added to a PDF. 
NewPage.Builder Builder for NewPage objects. 
PageCanvas Represents a canvas drawing to be merged onto another PDF page. 
PageImage Represents an image to be added to a PDF page. 
PagePattern Tiling pattern for a new page. 
PagePdf Represents a PDF page to be merged onto another PDF page. 
PdfProcessor Copy, merge or modify PDF documents. 
PdfProcessor.ProcessorProgress Object representing processing progress. 
PdfProcessorTask Represents a processing task for PdfProcessor


PagePosition Represents alignment of an item on the page. 
PageZOrder Order of items added on the page. 
PdfProcessorTask.AnnotationProcessingMode Describes how an annotation will be processed by a processor. 


PdfProcessorException Thrown if there's an error while processing pages.