Document manipulation, annotation flattening, page extraction, etc.


ComparisonDialogListener This interface provides a callback when performing document comparison using the DocumentComparisonDialog
NewPage.OnDrawCanvasCallback Callback passed to fromCanvas(Size, OnDrawCanvasCallback) to perform the drawing on the document canvas. 


ComparisonDocument This class holds the data used for document comparison. 
DocumentComparisonDialog Dialog for visually comparing two versions of a document. 
NewPage Settings for new page to be added to a PDF. 
NewPage.Builder Builder for NewPage objects. 
PageCanvas Represents a canvas drawing to be merged onto another PDF page. 
PageImage Represents an image to be added to a PDF page. 
PagePattern Tiling pattern for a new page. 
PagePdf Represents a PDF page to be merged onto another PDF page. 
PdfProcessor Copy, merge or modify PDF documents. 
PdfProcessor.ProcessorProgress Object representing processing progress. 
PdfProcessorTask Represents a processing task for PdfProcessor


PagePosition Represents alignment of an item on the page. 
PageZOrder Order of items added on the page. 
PdfProcessorTask.AnnotationProcessingMode Describes how an annotation will be processed by a processor. 


PdfProcessorException Thrown if there's an error while processing pages.