PDF document API (classes for accessing document content and meta-data).


DocumentActionListener Handles PDF actions triggered inside the PDF document - these are usually things like button presses, form submission, etc. 
ImageDocument An image document. 
PdfDocument A PDF document. 


DocumentSaveOptions Configures options for saving a document. 
DocumentSource Represents a document source which may be a DataProvider or a file Uri. 
ImageDocumentLoader Helper class for loading ImageDocument from a DocumentSource
ImageDocumentUtils Collection of helper methods for working with ImageDocuments. 
OutlineElement A document outline element (or "table of contents entry"), usually the header of a chapter. 
OutlineElement.Builder Builder for OutlineElement
PdfDocumentLoader Provides methods to obtain PdfDocument instances. 
PdfValue This represents a value stored inside a PDF document stream. 


DocumentPermissions A set of flags specifying which operations shall be permitted when the document is opened with user access. 
PageBinding Enum of the possible page bindings deciding how the document will be displayed. 
PdfBox Types of supported PDF page boxes. 
PdfValue.PdfValueType Type of a value stored in the PDF document stream. 
PdfVersion PDF versions supported by PSPDFKit.