Annotation API (with all available annotation types).


AnnotationProvider Handles all annotation related operations on the owning document. 
AnnotationProvider.OnAnnotationUpdatedListener Listener for annotation update events inside AnnotationProvider
ResizableAnnotation This is a marker interface used on resizable `Annotation` types. 


Annotation Represents a generic annotation in the PDF document. 
AssetAnnotation Abstract subclass that contains an asset from a link. 
BaseLineAnnotation Abstract base class for PolygonAnnotation and PolylineAnnotation
BaseRectsAnnotation Abstract base-class of all markup annotations: TextMarkupAnnotation and RedactionAnnotation
CircleAnnotation Represents a circle on the page. 
FileAnnotation Represents an annotation associated with EmbeddedFile
FreeTextAnnotation Represents a free text annotation on the page. 
HighlightAnnotation Represents a text highlight annotation on the page. 
InkAnnotation Represents a freehand drawing on the page. 
LineAnnotation Represents a line on the page. 
LinkAnnotation Link type of annotation either carrying an URI or a page destination. 
MediaAnnotation Abstract annotation class holding a media file asset. 
NoteAnnotation Represents a note (shown as an icon) on the page. 
PolygonAnnotation Represents a closed polygon on a page. 
PolylineAnnotation Represents a polyline on the page. 
RedactionAnnotation Represents a redaction annotation on the document. 
RichMediaAnnotation RichMedia annotations are defined in the ISO32000 Adobe Supplement and are the modern way of embedding video content. 
ScreenAnnotation A screen annotation (PDF 1.5) specifies a region of a page upon which media clips may be played. 
ShapeAnnotation Abstract base-class of all shape annotations: LineAnnotation, SquareAnnotation, CircleAnnotation, PolygonAnnotation, PolylineAnnotation
SoundAnnotation Represents an audio file added to a page. 
SquareAnnotation Represents a square rendered on the page. 
SquigglyAnnotation Represents a squiggly text underline on the page. 
StampAnnotation Represents a stamp or annotationBitmap annotation on the page. 
StrikeOutAnnotation Represents a strike-out text on the page. 
TextMarkupAnnotation Abstract base-class of all text markup annotations: HighlightAnnotation, SquigglyAnnotation, UnderlineAnnotation and StrikeOutAnnotation
UnderlineAnnotation Represents underlined text on the page. 
UnknownAnnotation Represents an annotation that is currently not recognised and handled by PSPDFKit. 
WidgetAnnotation Represents the appearance of a field in interactive forms. 


AnnotationFlags Specifies various characteristics of the annotation. 
AnnotationType All currently supported annotation types. 
AnnotationZIndexMove The possible z-index moves that can be applied on the annotation. 
BlendMode List of blending modes available for the annotations that can be set by setBlendMode(BlendMode)
BorderEffect Border effect types for annotations. 
BorderStyle Border style types for annotations. 
FreeTextAnnotation.FreeTextAnnotationIntent Possible styles of free text annotation. 
FreeTextAnnotation.FreeTextTextJustification Possible values for the alignment of the text. 
LineEndType Types of available line ends in annotations. 
MediaWindowType The type of the window to display the media in. 
VerticalTextAlignment Possible values for the vertical alignment of the text.