Actions define what happens when you click an annotation, and outline item, etc.


ActionResolver Action resolver for running a Action


AbstractFormAction Base class for form related actions. 
AbstractMediaAction Base class for media annotation related actions. 
Action Represents a PDF action used to describe what happens when annotations, bookmarks, etc. 
ActionSender Object that triggered the execution of action, such as an annotation or a form element. 
GoToAction PDF action representing a change to another page. 
GoToEmbeddedAction Action that allows jumping to a PDF file that is embedded in the document. 
GoToRemoteAction PDF action representing a change to page in another PDF document. 
HideAction A hide action hides or shows one or more annotations on the screen by setting or clearing their hidden flags. 
ImportDataAction Action representing request to import data. 
JavaScriptAction Action that should trigger execution of JavaScript embedded in it. 
LaunchAction Represents an action to launch an external application or file. 
NamedAction PDF action representing a special event. 
RenditionAction A rendition action controls the playing of multimedia content. 
ResetFormAction Resets one or more form fields to their default value. 
RichMediaExecuteAction Action for starting RichMediaAnnotations. 
SubmitFormAction PDF action for sending form data to a URI. 
UriAction PDF Action representing a link to an external URI. 


ActionType Currently supported PDF action types. 
AnnotationTriggerEvent Type of the annotation trigger events. 
MediaOptions Specifies options when playing media annotations. 
NamedAction.NamedActionType Known types of named actions in PDF documents. 
RenditionAction.RenditionActionType Types of rendition actions. 
RichMediaExecuteAction.RichMediaExecuteActionType Types of rich media execute actions. 
SubmitFormAction.SubmitFormActionFlag Flags specifying various characteristics of form submit action.