Class Index - PSPDFKit for Android



AbstractFormAction Base class for form related actions. 
AbstractMediaAction Base class for media annotation related actions. 
AbstractPropertyInspectorController Abstract base class for all inspector controllers. 
Action Represents a PDF action used to describe what happens when annotations, bookmarks, etc. 
ActionMenu Bottom sheet menu showing a list of actions. 
ActionMenuItem Represents item inside ActionMenu
ActionMenuItem.MenuItemType Supported types of action menu items. 
ActionMenuListener Listener for action menu lifecycle and click events. 
ActionResolver Action resolver for running a Action
ActionSender Object that triggered the execution of action, such as an annotation or a form element. 
ActionType Currently supported PDF action types. 
AlignedAnnotationHinterDrawable Note hinter drawable with configurable note alignment in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. 
AlignedAnnotationHinterDrawable.HorizontalAlignment Enum with possible horizontal icon alignments. 
AlignedAnnotationHinterDrawable.VerticalAlignment Enum with possible vertical icon alignments. 
Analytics PSPDFKit analytics API. 
Analytics.Data Analytics event data keys. 
Analytics.Event Analytics event. 
AnalyticsClient Interface of a client that can receive analytics data. 
Annotation Represents a generic annotation in the PDF document. 
AnnotationAggregationStrategy Defines how INK splits drawn lines into new annotations. 
AnnotationAggregationStrategyConfiguration Configuration for annotation aggregation strategy used to control strategy for creating annotations from drawn lines. 
AnnotationAggregationStrategyConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationAggregationStrategyConfiguration
AnnotationAlphaConfiguration Configuration for annotation alpha (ANNOTATION_ALPHA). 
AnnotationAlphaConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationAlphaConfiguration
AnnotationBorderStyleConfiguration Configuration for annotation border style (BORDER_STYLE). 
AnnotationBorderStyleConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationBorderStyleConfiguration
AnnotationColorConfiguration Configuration for annotation foreground color (COLOR). 
AnnotationColorConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationColorConfiguration
AnnotationConfiguration Base for all annotation configuration classes. 
AnnotationConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationConfiguration
AnnotationConfigurationRegistry Interface for objects that manage a list of AnnotationConfiguration for supported annotation types. 
AnnotationCreationController Default controller given when entering annotation creation mode. 
AnnotationCreationInspectorController Interface for annotation inspector shown when creating annotations. 
AnnotationCreationToolbar A toolbar used for creating annotations. 
AnnotationCreationToolbar.ItemToAnnotationToolMapper A mapper that allows you to map the IDs of AnnotationCreationToolbar menu items with the annotation tool (and variant) you want it to activate/deactivate. 
AnnotationCreationToolbarGroupingRule Default grouping rule of the AnnotationCreationToolbar
AnnotationCreationToolbarItemPresets List of different presets for the AnnotationCreationToolbar (based on the available space of icons visible on the current device). 
AnnotationCreatorInputDialogFragment AnnotationCreatorInputDialogFragment facilitates setting the annotation creator. 
AnnotationCreatorInputDialogFragment.OnAnnotationCreatorSetListener This listener interface needs to be implemented by any class that wishes to handle AnnotationCreatorInputDialogFragment specific dialog events. 
AnnotationEditingController Default controller given when entering annotation editing mode. 
AnnotationEditingInspectorController Interface for annotation inspector shown when editing annotations. 
AnnotationEditingToolbar Toolbar shown when annotations are being edited. 
AnnotationEditingToolbarGroupingRule Default grouping rule of the AnnotationEditingToolbar
AnnotationEditingToolbarItemPresets List of different presets for the AnnotationEditingToolbar (based on the available space of icons visible on the current device). 
AnnotationFillColorConfiguration Configuration for annotation fill color (FILL_COLOR). 
AnnotationFillColorConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationFillColorConfiguration
AnnotationFlags Specifies various characteristics of the annotation. 
AnnotationFontConfiguration Configuration for annotation font (FONT). 
AnnotationFontConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationFontConfiguration
AnnotationInspectorController Controller responsible for managing annotation inspector. 
AnnotationLineEndsConfiguration Configuration for annotation line ends (LINE_ENDS). 
AnnotationLineEndsConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationLineEndsConfiguration
AnnotationManager Interface for objects that manage a list of annotation listener instances. 
AnnotationManager.OnAnnotationCreationModeChangeListener Listener for annotation creation mode enter/exit. 
AnnotationManager.OnAnnotationCreationModeSettingsChangeListener Listener for annotation creation mode settings changes. 
AnnotationManager.OnAnnotationDeselectedListener Listener for annotation deselection. 
AnnotationManager.OnAnnotationEditingModeChangeListener Listener for annotation editing mode enter/exit. 
AnnotationManager.OnAnnotationSelectedListener Listener for annotation selection. 
AnnotationNoteHinter PdfDrawableProvider creating visual contents hints for supported Annotation
AnnotationNoteHinterThemeConfiguration Wrapper class for extracting annotation note hinter theme attributes. 
AnnotationNoteIconConfiguration Configuration for note annotation icons (NOTE_ICON). 
AnnotationNoteIconConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationNoteIconConfiguration
AnnotationOutlineColorConfiguration Configuration for annotation outline color (OUTLINE_COLOR). 
AnnotationOutlineColorConfiguration.Builder<T extends Builder> Builder for AnnotationOutlineColorConfiguration
AnnotationOverlayRenderStrategy Strategy that controls how annotations are rendered inside annotation overlay. 
AnnotationOverlayRenderStrategy.Strategy Enum with possible annotation overlay rendering strategies. 
AnnotationOverlayTextConfiguration Configuration for annotation overlay text (OVERLAY_TEXT and REPEAT_OVERLAY_TEXT). 
AnnotationOverlayTextConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationOverlayTextConfiguration
AnnotationPrecisionConfiguration Configuration for annotation precision (FLOAT_PRECISION). 
AnnotationPrecisionConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationPrecisionConfiguration
AnnotationPreferencesManager Manager providing access to annotation editing preferences. 
AnnotationPreviewConfiguration Configuration for preview in annotation inspector. 
AnnotationPreviewConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationOverlayTextConfiguration
AnnotationProperty Supported annotation properties. 
AnnotationProvider Handles all annotation related operations on the owning document. 
AnnotationProvider.OnAnnotationUpdatedListener Listener for annotation update events inside AnnotationProvider
AnnotationRenderConfiguration Advanced configuration for annotation rendering. 
AnnotationRenderConfiguration.Builder Builder to create a AnnotationRenderConfiguration instance. 
AnnotationReplyFeatures Which features of annotation replies should be enabled. 
AnnotationReviewSummary Summarizes the information about an annotation’s review state. 
AnnotationScaleConfiguration Configuration for annotation scale (SCALE). 
AnnotationScaleConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationScaleConfiguration
AnnotationSelectionController Controls configurable properties on annotation selection layout that allows touch based editing (i.e. 
AnnotationStateChange A structure that represents any change of review status for a markup annotation. 
AnnotationTextResizingConfiguration Configuration for automatic text resizing of FreeTextAnnotation
AnnotationTextResizingConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationTextResizingConfiguration
AnnotationTextSizeConfiguration Configuration for annotation text size (TEXT_SIZE). 
AnnotationTextSizeConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationTextSizeConfiguration
AnnotationThicknessConfiguration Configuration for annotation thickness (THICKNESS). 
AnnotationThicknessConfiguration.Builder<T> Builder for AnnotationThicknessConfiguration
AnnotationTool All currently supported tools when creating annotations. 
AnnotationToolVariant Annotation tools can have variants represented by the name. 
AnnotationToolVariant.Preset Annotation tool variants defined by the framework. 
AnnotationTriggerEvent Type of the annotation trigger events. 
AnnotationType All currently supported annotation types. 
AnnotationZIndexMove The possible z-index moves that can be applied on the annotation. 
AppCompatTextViewTint TextView class that extends support to drawable tint for Android API lower than 23 by using style attribute pspdf__drawableTint
AppearanceStreamGenerator Interface for custom annotation appearance stream generators. 
AppearanceStreamGenerator.AppearanceStreamGenerationOptions Options for appearance stream generation. 
ApplicationPolicy Application policy. 
ApplicationPolicy.PolicyEvent Currently supported policy events. 
AssetAnnotation Abstract subclass that contains an asset from a link. 
AssetAppearanceStreamGenerator Annotation appearance stream generator that supplies a PDF file in app assets to be used as annotation appearance stream. 
AssetDataProvider Data provider for opening PDF documents directly from the app's assets. 
AssetDownloadSource A source for copying a PDF document from the app assets to the filesystem. 
AssetsContentProvider A content provider that serves files from the app's assets. 
AudioEncoding The encoding format for the audio samples data. 
AudioExtractor Extracts audio from media files into EmbeddedAudioSource that is usable for creating SoundAnnotation
AudioModeListeners Interface for objects that manage a list of audio mode listener instances. 
AudioModeListeners.AudioPlaybackModeChangeListener Listener for audio playback mode changes. 
AudioModeListeners.AudioRecordingModeChangeListener Listener for audio recording mode changes. 
AudioModeManager Interface for objects managing audio modes. 
AudioPlaybackController Controller given when entering audio playback mode. 
AudioPlaybackController.AudioPlaybackListener Listener for audio playback events. 
AudioRecordingController Controller given when entering audio recording mode. 
AudioRecordingController.AudioRecordingListener Listener for audio recording events. 
AudioView Bottom auxiliary bar displayed when interacting with sound annotations. 
AudioView.AudioInspectorLifecycleListener Listener for the lifecycle of the AudioView
AuthorState Author review and marking states that can be set on the note annotation content and replies. 


BaseDocumentPrintDialog Base class for all dialogs returning document print options. 
BaseDocumentSharingDialog Base class for all dialogs returning document sharing options. 
BaseImagePickerFragment Base fragment for image picker implementations. 
BaseLineAnnotation Abstract base class for PolygonAnnotation and PolylineAnnotation
BaseRectsAnnotation Abstract base-class of all markup annotations: TextMarkupAnnotation and RedactionAnnotation
BiometricSignatureData Biometric data of a Signature
BiometricSignatureData.Builder Builder for BiometricSignatureData
BiometricSignatureData.InputMethod Types of input devices that for creating a signature. 
BitmapUtils Extension to that allows decoding bitmaps from content provider Uris. 
BlankSignatureContents Implementation of SignatureContents that returns zeroed data. 
BlendMode List of blending modes available for the annotations that can be set by setBlendMode(BlendMode)
Bookmark Represents a bookmark in a PDF document. 
BookmarkProvider Handles all bookmark related operations on the owning document. 
BookmarkProvider.BookmarkListener Listener for notifying other components when bookmarks change. 
BookmarkViewAdapter Bookmarks adapter for the PdfOutlineView
BorderEffect Border effect types for annotations. 
BorderStyle Border style types for annotations. 
BorderStylePickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking line styles. 
BorderStylePickerInspectorView.BorderStylePickerListener Listener for border style changes. 
BorderStylePreset Preset for border styles. 
ButtonFormElement Represents button in a PDF form. 
ButtonFormField Represents button form field in a PDF form. 


CameraImagePickerFragment Fragment used for firing up the camera for capturing an image. 
CheckBoxFormConfiguration Configuration class of CheckBoxFormElement for the creation of a CheckBoxFormField using addFormElementsToPage(String, List) or addFormElementToPage(String, T)
CheckBoxFormConfiguration.Builder Builder used to construct CheckBoxFormConfiguration instance. 
CheckBoxFormElement A single checkbox form control which can be toggled to on or off. 
CheckBoxFormField One or more check boxes that can toggle between two states - on and off. 
ChoiceFormElement Represents a choice form control in a PDF form. 
ChoiceFormField Represents a choice form field in a PDF form. 
CircleAnnotation Represents a circle on the page. 
ColorPickerInspectorDetailView Detail view of the ColorPickerInspectorView used in PropertyInspector
ColorPickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking colors. 
ColorPickerInspectorView.ColorPickerDetailView Interface implemented by the different color picker detail views. 
ColorPickerInspectorView.ColorPickerListener Listener for color changes. 
ComboBoxFormConfiguration Configuration class of ComboBoxFormElement for the creation of a ComboBoxFormField using addFormElementToPage(String, T)
ComboBoxFormConfiguration.Builder Builder used to construct ComboBoxFormConfiguration instance. 
ComboBoxFormElement A form control which displays drop-down list. 
ComboBoxFormField A form field which displays drop-down list. 
CompareOptions Flags for SearchOptions  
ComparisonDialogListener This interface provides a callback when performing document comparison using the DocumentComparisonDialog
ComparisonDocument This class holds the data used for document comparison. 
ContainedSignaturesSigner Signer for contained signatures workflow. 
ContentEditingFillColorConfiguration Configuration for content editing fill color. 
ContentEditingFontNamesPickerView This is a simple list of fonts for the ContentEditingStylingBar used in PropertyInspector
ContentEditingFontSizesPickerView This is a simple list of font sizes for the ContentEditingStylingBar used in PropertyInspector
ContentEditingInspectorController Controller responsible for interaction between ContentEditingController and content editing views. 
ContentEditingManager Interface for objects that manage content editing listeners. 
ContentEditingManager.OnContentEditingContentChangeListener Listener for content editing changes. 
ContentEditingManager.OnContentEditingModeChangeListener Listener for entering and exiting content editing mode. 
ContentEditingStylingBar Bottom auxiliary bar displayed when editing documents. 
ContentEditingStylingBar.OnContentEditingBarLifecycleListener Listener for the lifecycle of the ContentEditingStylingBar
ContentEditingStylingBarItem This enum represents the item that the user has clicked on the ContentEditingStylingBar  
ContentEditingToolbar Toolbar shown when pdf content is being edited. 
ContentResolverAppearanceStreamGenerator Annotation appearance stream generator that supplies a PDF file from a ContentProvider to be used as annotation appearance stream. 
ContentResolverDataProvider Data provider for opening PDF documents directly from a ContentProvider using Android's content resolver framework. 
ContentResolverDownloadSource A source for downloading a document from a ContentProvider. 
ContextDataProvider Abstract data provider that allows subclasses to retrieve the application context by calling getContext()
ContextualToolbar<T extends SpecialModeController> Base class of all contextual toolbars. 
ContextualToolbar.OnMenuItemClickListener Listener for menu items clicks. 
ContextualToolbar.OnMenuItemLongClickListener Listener for long clicks on menu items with submenu. 
ContextualToolbarMenuBar This view is a component of contextual toolbar. 
ContextualToolbarMenuBar.MenuItemPosition Possible positions for toolbar menu items. 
ContextualToolbarMenuItem Represents a single menu item in the ContextualToolbar
ContextualToolbarMenuItem.Position Possible positions for toolbar menu items. 
ContextualToolbarMenuItem.SubmenuIndicatorPosition Possible positions for submenu indicator (in those views that have it). 
ContextualToolbarSubMenu This view is a component of contextual toolbar. 
CopyPasteFeatures Sub features of copy/paste that can be enabled or disabled. 
CustomColorPickerInspectorDetailView Detail view for the ColorPickerInspectorView that provides options for the user to set custom colors. 
CustomStampAppearanceStreamGenerator Collection of AppearanceStreamGenerator that can be registered via addAppearanceStreamGenerator(AppearanceStreamGenerator) to generate appearance streams for stamps with custom subjects. 


DatabaseSignatureStorage Our default SignatureStorage implementation that uses the SQLite database to store signatures. 
DataProvider A data provider is allows PSPDFKit to load a PDF document for any custom source (e.g. 
DefaultAnnotationCreationInspectorController Controller for annotation creation inspector. 
DefaultAnnotationEditingInspectorController Annotation inspector for annotation editing. 
DefaultApplicationPolicy Default application policy which doesn't add any restrictions - all features are enabled. 
DefaultBookmarkAdapter Default implementation of BookmarkViewAdapter which handles bookmark behaviour for the default BookmarkListView. 
DefaultContentEditingInspectorController Controller for form editing inspector. 
DefaultDocumentSharingController Default implementation of DocumentSharingController
DefaultLocalizationListener Default implementation of a LocalizationListener which just calls through to default Android localization methods in android.content.res.Resources class and picks up strings from XML files. 
DefaultMenuItemGroupingRule Default grouping rule implementation. 
DefaultOutlineViewListener Default implementation of PdfOutlineView.OnOutlineElementTapListener and PdfOutlineView.OnAnnotationTapListener to handle interactions with annotations and outline in PdfOutlineView
DefaultSharingMenu Displays fixed actions for printing and opening documents in addition to standard share actions shown in SharingMenu
DefaultSharingMenu.SharingMenuListener Callback for actions performed inside sharing menu. 
DialogNewPageFactory A factory for creating new pages using the NewPageDialog
DigitalSignatureInfo A digital signature stored inside a PDF document. 
DigitalSignatureInfo.BuildData Build data dictionary of a software that created the digital signature. 
DigitalSignatureInfo.Reference Signature reference dictionary. 
DigitalSignatureInfo.ReferenceTransformMethod List of possible transformation methods of a DigitalSignatureInfo.Reference
DigitalSignatureValidationResult Detailed status about validity of a DigitalSignatureInfo
DigitalSignatureValidationResult.CertificateStatus Status of the certificate that was used for signing the document. 
DigitalSignatureValidationResult.DocumentIntegrityStatus Status of the signed document. 
DigitalSignatureValidationResult.ValidationProblem Problems that prevented proper validation of a signature. 
DigitalSignatureValidator Validates digital signatures. 
DirectWritingStrategy A WritingStrategy that immediately writes to the WritableDataProvider
DocumentActionListener Handles PDF actions triggered inside the PDF document - these are usually things like button presses, form submission, etc. 
DocumentComparisonDialog Dialog for visually comparing two versions of a document. 
DocumentCoordinator Coordinates loading and display of multiple documents in PdfActivity
DocumentCoordinator.OnDocumentCoordinatorEmptyListener Listener for the last document being removed from the DocumentCoordinator
DocumentCoordinator.OnDocumentsChangedListener Listener for changes made to documents managed by DocumentCoordinator
DocumentCoordinator.OnDocumentVisibleListener Listener for document becoming visible in the DocumentCoordinator
DocumentDescriptor Describes a document and its UI state. 
DocumentEditingController Default controller for editing PDF pages. 
DocumentEditingManager Interface for objects that manage a Document Editor. 
DocumentEditingManager.OnDocumentEditingModeChangeListener Listener for entering/exiting document editing mode. 
DocumentEditingManager.OnDocumentEditingPageSelectionChangeListener Listener for document editing page selection. 
DocumentEditingToolbar Toolbar for communication with document editing mode. 
DocumentEditingToolbarGroupingRule Default grouping rule of the DocumentEditingToolbar
DocumentEditingToolbarItemPresets List of different presets for the DocumentEditingToolbar (based on the available space of icons visible on the current device). 
DocumentEditorProgressDialog Progress dialog for Document Editor. 
DocumentJsonFormatter Exports and imports changes made to annotations and form fields of a PdfDocument into a JSON string. 
DocumentJsonFormatterException Exception thrown by the DocumentJsonFormatter when encountering an import/export error. 
DocumentListener Listeners for document events on the the PdfFragment
DocumentPdfMetadata This class allows you to modify a PDF documents metadata. 
DocumentPermissions A set of flags specifying which operations shall be permitted when the document is opened with user access. 
DocumentPrintDialog Dialog with document print options. 
DocumentPrintDialog.PrintDialogListener Listener for the printing dialog. 
DocumentPrintDialogFactory Allows you to create custom sharing dialogs instead of using the default one. 
DocumentPrintManager Manager for printing PDF documents via Android built-in print framework. 
DocumentSaveOptions Configures options for saving a document. 
DocumentScrollListener Interface for listeners that can receive scrolling events of a PdfFragment
DocumentSharingController Base class for sharing controllers. 
DocumentSharingDialog Dialog with document sharing options. 
DocumentSharingDialog.SharingDialogListener Listener for sharing dialog. 
DocumentSharingDialogConfiguration Configuration for document sharing dialog. 
DocumentSharingDialogConfiguration.Builder Builder used to construct DocumentSharingDialogConfiguration instance. 
DocumentSharingDialogFactory Allows you to create custom sharing dialogs instead of using the default one. 
DocumentSharingIntentHelper Helper for creating share intents. 
DocumentSharingManager Manager for handling pdf document sharing to other applications. 
DocumentSharingProvider Provider allowing access to shared files. 
DocumentSharingProviderProcessor Prepares data in DocumentSharingProvider for sharing via Android's share framework. 
DocumentSharingProviderProcessor.PdfProcessorProgressListener Listener for PdfProcessor progress updates used when preparing PdfDocument for sharing. 
DocumentSignatureInfo Contains information about signatures of a document. 
DocumentSigningListener Listener for digital signing events when using the SignatureSignerDialog
DocumentSource Represents a document source which may be a DataProvider or a file Uri. 
DocumentXmpMetadata This class allows you to modify a PDF documents metadata. 
DownloadJob A task that can download a PDF document from a DownloadSource
DownloadJob.ProgressListener Definition of callback objects for observing downloads. 
DownloadJob.ProgressListenerAdapter An empty implementation of a DownloadJob.ProgressListener
DownloadProgressFragment A fragment for retaining a DownloadJob and showing its progress. 
DownloadRequest A request for downloading a PDF document. 
DownloadRequest.Builder Builder for a DownloadRequest
DownloadSource A remote PDF resource that can be downloaded by the DownloadJob


EdgeInsets Object represents page insets. 
EditableButtonFormElement Represents editable button in a PDF form - i.e. 
EditableButtonFormField Represents editable button field in a PDF form - i.e. 
EditingChange Change that happened because of an operation performed by the document editor that can be undone/redone. 
EditingOperation Specifies the kind of change done by the editing operation. 
ElectronicSignatureFragment A dialog for adding a signature to a document by drawing, selecting an image, or typing. 
ElectronicSignatureOptions Options for configuring the ElectronicSignatureFragment
ElectronicSignatureOptions.Builder A helper class used for building the ElectronicSignatureOptions
EmbeddedAudioSource Represents a source of audio data that can be embedded inside a SoundAnnotation
EmbeddedFile Represents file embedded in FileAnnotation or PdfDocument
EmbeddedFileSource Represents a source of embedded file data. 
EmbeddedFilesProvider Handles all embedded files related operations on the owning document. 
EmptyPdfActivityView The view that is displayed in the PdfActivity when no document is set. 
EncryptionAlgorithm Encryption algorithm used for digitally signing a PDF. 
EpicenterTranslateClipReveal EpicenterTranslateClipReveal captures the clip bounds and translation values before and after the scene change and animates between those and the epicenter bounds during a visibility transition. 
EraserPreviewInspectorView Inspector view used for displaying eraser preview. 
EraserToolConfiguration Configuration for eraser tool. 
EraserToolConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
Experimental This annotation is placed on classes or methods that are still changing or might be removed in future versions. 


FileAnnotation Represents an annotation associated with EmbeddedFile
FileAnnotation.IconName Denotes that a parameter must belong to on of these strings defined in FileAnnotation: PUSH_PIN, PAPERCLIP, GRAPH, TAG
FileAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for file annotations. 
FileAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
FilePicker A file picker for retrieving a destination Uri. 
FilterSubtype A filter sub type refers to an encoding or format that was used to create the signature. 
FixedActionMenuItem Specialization of ActionMenuItem representing single fixed menu action inside ActionMenu
FloatingHintEditText An AppCompatEditText extension containing a floating hint text, a colored underline and bottom error text. 
FloatingHintEditText.EditTextListener Listener interface for events on the FloatingHintEditText
FloatingHintPasswordEditText An AppCompatEditText extension for passwords containing a floating hint text, a colored underline and bottom error text. 
FloatPrecision Number of decimal points for annotation float value rounding. 
Font A single font that can be set on an Annotation
FontManager Gives you access to all the fonts available on the system. 
FontPickerInspectorDetailView Detail view of the FontPickerInspectorView used in PropertyInspector
FontPickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking fonts. 
FontPickerInspectorView.FontPickerListener Listener for font changes. 
FontPickerInspectorView.FontSizePickerListener Listener for font size changes for the Content Editing Bar. 
FormCreationFailedException Thrown when there's an error while creating an interactive form. 
FormEditingBar Bottom auxiliary bar displayed when filling forms. 
FormEditingBar.OnFormEditingBarLifecycleListener Listener for the lifecycle of the FormEditingBar
FormEditingController Default controller given when entering forms editing mode. 
FormEditingInspectorController Controller for form editing inspector. 
FormElement A visible form control. 
FormElementConfiguration<T extends FormElement, K extends FormField> Base class for all form element configuration classes. 
FormElementConfiguration.BaseBuilder<V extends FormElementConfiguration, B extends BaseBuilder<V, B>> Base builder to be used for all builders declared in the FormElementConfiguration subclasses. 
FormElementViewController Controller responsible for interaction between FormEditingController and form element editing views. 
FormField A form field. 
FormListeners Collection of form listeners. 
FormListeners.OnButtonFormFieldUpdatedListener Listener for ButtonFormField updates. 
FormListeners.OnChoiceFormFieldUpdatedListener Listener for ChoiceFormField updates. 
FormListeners.OnFormFieldUpdatedListener Listener for form fields updates. 
FormListeners.OnFormTabOrderUpdatedListener Listener for form tab ordering updates. 
FormListeners.OnTextFormFieldUpdatedListener Listener for TextFormField updates. 
FormManager Interface for objects that manage a list of form listener instances. 
FormManager.OnFormElementClickedListener Listener for form element click events. 
FormManager.OnFormElementDeselectedListener Listener for form element deselection. 
FormManager.OnFormElementEditingModeChangeListener Listener for form element editing mode enter/exit. 
FormManager.OnFormElementSelectedListener Listener for form element selection. 
FormManager.OnFormElementUpdatedListener Listener for form element updated events. 
FormManager.OnFormElementViewUpdatedListener Listener for form element view updates - validation, contents of the view changed etc. 
FormOption Represents one entry in form options array. 
FormProvider Handles all form related operations on the owning document. 
FormType All supported form types. 
FragmentSpecialModeController A special mode controllers bound to the PdfFragment
FreeTextAnnotation Represents a free text annotation on the page. 
FreeTextAnnotation.FreeTextAnnotationIntent Possible styles of free text annotation. 
FreeTextAnnotation.FreeTextTextJustification Possible values for the alignment of the text. 
FreeTextAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for free-text annotations. 
FreeTextAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
FreeTextAnnotationPreviewInspectorView Inspector view used for displaying free-text annotation preview in annotation creation mode. 
FreeTextAnnotationUtils This provides methods to help with working with FreeTextAnnotations. 
FreeTextAnnotationUtils.ScaleMode How to determine the size of the annotation. 


GalleryImagePickerFragment Fragment used for picking up the image from gallery / filesystem. 
GoToAction PDF action representing a change to another page. 
GoToEmbeddedAction Action that allows jumping to a PDF file that is embedded in the document. 
GoToRemoteAction PDF action representing a change to page in another PDF document. 


HashAlgorithm Hash algorithm for digesting PDF data as part of a digital signing process. 
HideAction A hide action hides or shows one or more annotations on the screen by setting or clearing their hidden flags. 
HighlightAnnotation Represents a text highlight annotation on the page. 
HtmlConversionException Exception thrown by HtmlToPdfConverter
HtmlToPdfConverter Converts HTML to PDF document. 
HtmlToPdfConverter.PageLoadingProgressListener Listener for page loading progress updates used when loading HTML page in HtmlToPdfConverter


ImageDocument An image document. 
ImageDocumentLoader Helper class for loading ImageDocument from a DocumentSource
ImageDocumentUtils Collection of helper methods for working with ImageDocuments. 
ImagePicker A helper class for launching gallery image picker or a camera for taking a picture. 
ImagePicker.OnImagePickedListener Interface for listening for image picker results. 
ImmutableDate This is an immutable version of a Date object. 
ImportDataAction Action representing request to import data. 
IndexingOptions Options that can be passed to enqueueDocuments(List, IndexingOptions)  
IndexingOptions.Builder Builder for creating IndexingOptions that can be used with enqueueDocuments(List, IndexingOptions)
InkAnnotation Represents a freehand drawing on the page. 
InkAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for ink annotations. 
InkAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
InkAnnotationPreviewInspectorView Inspector view used for displaying annotation preview in annotation creation mode. 
InputStreamDataProvider Abstract data provider that handles serving a PDF document from an InputStream. 
InstantAnnotationProvider Handles all annotation related operations on the owning Instant document. 
InstantAnnotationProvider.NonAnnotationChange Possible non-annotation changes  
InstantAnnotationProvider.OnNonAnnotationChangeListener Object to be notified whenever a local non-annotation change happens. 
InstantClient The entry point to PSPDFKit Instant, representing a client’s connection to the Instant server. 
InstantDocumentDescriptor Descriptor/handle for InstantPdfDocument that provides methods for downloading/opening instant documents. 
InstantDocumentListener Listener for InstantPdfDocument events. 
InstantDocumentState Lists the observable states of an Instant document and its sync cycle. 
InstantDownloadException Thrown when there's an error while downloading instant document. 
InstantErrorCode Code used inside InstantException to indicate instant error source. 
InstantException Thrown when there's an error while communicating with instant server. 
InstantPdfActivity Activity with fully integrated views and behaviour. 
InstantPdfActivityIntentBuilder Builder used for creating an intent for starting InstantPdfActivity
InstantPdfActivityListener This listener allows PdfActivity to receive instant document events. 
InstantPdfDocument PDF document managed by Instant. 
InstantPdfFragment Fragment that actually displays instant PDF document. 
InstantProgress Object representing instant document download or annotations sync progress. 
InstantSyncException Thrown when there's an error while syncing annotations with instant server. 
InteractiveSigner Interface of a Signer that requires user interaction during the signing process. 
InteractiveSigner.LoadingFeedbackListener Callback for notifying the user of important events that could happen during private key loading. 
InteractiveSigner.LoadingFeedbackListener.InteractionRequiredEvent Possible user interaction events that can be emitted via onInteractionRequired(InteractiveSigner.LoadingFeedbackListener.InteractionRequiredEvent)
InvalidLayoutException Thrown when the used layout is missing a required view, or makes wrong use of internal view ids. 
InvalidPasswordException Thrown when attempting to open a password protected PDF document with wrong password. 
InvalidPSPDFKitLicenseException Thrown when invalid license is passed during PSPDFKit initialization. 
InvalidSignatureException Thrown when attempting to open a document using an invalid signature. 
InvalidThemeException Thrown when the used Context uses a theme incompatible with PSPDFKit. 


JavaScriptAction Action that should trigger execution of JavaScript embedded in it. 
JavaScriptProvider Handles all JavaScript related operations on the owning document. 


LaunchAction Represents an action to launch an external application or file. 
LibraryIndexingListener Listener to monitor indexing progress. 
LibraryIndexStatus Object representing indexing status for a document. 
LibraryIndexStatus.Status The indexing status of a document in the document library. 
LicenseFeature Possible features that are enabled as part of the license. 
LineAnnotation Represents a line on the page. 
LineAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for LINE and POLYLINE annotations. 
LineAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
LineEndType Types of available line ends in annotations. 
LineEndTypePickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking line end type. 
LineEndTypePickerInspectorView.LineEndTypePickerListener Listener for line end type being picked. 
LinkAnnotation Link type of annotation either carrying an URI or a page destination. 
LinkAnnotationHighlighter PdfDrawableProvider creating highlights based on a LinkAnnotation instances. 
ListBoxFormConfiguration Configuration class of ListBoxFormElement for the creation of a ListBoxFormField using addFormElementToPage(String, T)
ListBoxFormConfiguration.Builder Builder used to construct ListBoxFormConfiguration instance. 
ListBoxFormElement A form control which displays scrollable list with choices. 
ListBoxFormField A form field which displays scrollable list with choices. 
LocalizationListener Listener that allows SDK UI strings to be localized programmatically. 
LocalizedButton This is a Button that will use registered LocalizationListener to localize its contents. 
LocalizedEditText This is an EditText that will use registered LocalizationListener to localize its contents. 
LocalizedSwitch This is a Switch that will use registered LocalizationListener to localize its contents. 
LocalizedTextView This is a TextView that will use registered LocalizationListener to localize its contents. 
LogCatLogger Logger that logs all messages to LogCat. 


MainToolbar Main toolbar of the PdfActivity
MarkupAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for markup annotations. 
MarkupAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
MeasurementAreaAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for MEASUREMENT_AREA_POLYGON, MEASUREMENT_AREA_ELLIPSE and MEASUREMENT_AREA_RECT annotations. 
MeasurementAreaAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
MeasurementDistanceAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for MEASUREMENT_DISTANCE annotations. 
MeasurementDistanceAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
MeasurementInfo Measurement info object contains all the measurement information available in a measurement annotation. 
MeasurementMode Measurement mode. 
MeasurementPerimeterAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for MEASUREMENT_PERIMETER annotations. 
MeasurementPerimeterAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
MeasurementValueInspectorView Inspector component for displaying the measurement text value. 
MediaAnnotation Abstract annotation class holding a media file asset. 
MediaGalleryView A view for displaying a gallery within the PDF document. 
MediaLinkUtils Methods for handling PSPDFKit media links. 
MediaLinkUtils.VideoSettings A class containing settings for the video. 
MediaOptions Specifies options when playing media annotations. 
MediaUri Representation of the parsed URI used for media links. 
MediaUri.UriType Type of the media URI. 
MediaViewController An interface to be implemented by the views that control the media files. 
MediaViewListener A listener for media content preparation. 
MediaWebView A web view for displaying web content. 
MediaWindowType The type of the window to display the media in. 
MemorySigner A Signer that uses a given KeyStore.PrivateKeyEntry to sign documents. 
MenuItem Class representation of the menu item in the structure. 
MenuItemGroupingRule Interface for classes that will define rules for grouping ContextualToolbarMenuItems in the ContextualToolbar
MissingDependencyException Thrown when the dependency is missing from the project. 


NamedAction PDF action representing a special event. 
NamedAction.NamedActionType Known types of named actions in PDF documents. 
NavigationBackStack<T> Manages a browser like backstack of items. 
NavigationBackStack.BackStackListener<T> Listener for changes to the navigation back stack. 
NavigationBackStack.NavigationItem<T> A single item on the navigation backstack. 
NewPage Settings for new page to be added to a PDF. 
NewPage.Builder Builder for NewPage objects. 
NewPage.OnDrawCanvasCallback Callback passed to fromCanvas(Size, OnDrawCanvasCallback) to perform the drawing on the document canvas. 
NewPageDialog Dialog for choosing properties for a newly created PDF page. 
NewPageDialog.Callback This listener interface needs to be implemented by any class that wishes to handle new page creation event. 
NewPageFactory Interface definition of a factory that returns NewPage instances. 
NewPageFactory.OnNewPageReadyListener Listens for return of a NewPage instance to the editor. 
NoteAnnotation Represents a note (shown as an icon) on the page. 
NoteAnnotation.IconName Denotes that a parameter must belong to on of these strings defined in NoteAnnotation: COMMENT, RIGHT_POINTER, RIGHT_ARROW, CHECK, CIRCLE, CROSS, INSERT, NEW_PARAGRAPH, NOTE, PARAGRAPH, HELP, STAR, KEY
NoteAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for note annotations. 
NoteAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
NoteHinterDrawable Drawable used by AnnotationNoteHinter to visually notify text contents property for supported annotation types. 
NoteLineAnnotationHinterDrawable Drawable used by AnnotationNoteHinter to visually notify text contents property for LineAnnotation
NoteMultilineAnnotationHinterDrawable Drawable used by AnnotationNoteHinter to visually notify text contents property for InkAnnotation, PolygonAnnotation, and PolylineAnnotation
NoteShapeAnnotationHinterDrawable Drawable used by AnnotationNoteHinter to visually notify text contents property for SquareAnnotation and CircleAnnotation
NoteStampAnnotationHinterDrawable Drawable used by AnnotationNoteHinter to visually notify text contents property for StampAnnotation
NoteTextMarkupAnnotationHinterDrawable Drawable used by AnnotationNoteHinter to visually notify text contents property for TextMarkupAnnotation


OcrLanguage Supported languages for OCR. 
OfficeToPdfConverter The OfficeToPdfConverter provides a simple API to convert office documents to PDF documents. 
OnAnnotationSelectedListenerAdapter Empty implementation of the AnnotationManager.OnAnnotationSelectedListener
OnDocumentInfoViewModeChangeListener A listener for PdfOutlineView document info mode changes. 
OnDocumentInfoViewSaveListener A listener for document being saved as a consequence of document info editing done in PdfOutlineView
OnDocumentLongPressListener Listener for document long press events on the the PdfFragment
OnPreparePopupToolbarListener Listener for getting notified of when the popup toolbar is being prepared to be displayed. 
OnSignaturePickedListener Interface used by show(FragmentManager, OnSignaturePickedListener)
OnUndoHistoryChangeListener Listener used to notify user that the undo history has changed. 
OnVisibilityChangedListener Listener for receiving visibility changes of PSPDFKit views. 
OnVisibilityChangedListenerManager Collection of multiple OnVisibilityChangedListener objects. 
OptionPickerInspectorView Picker for picking values from fixed list of options. 
OptionPickerInspectorView.OnOptionPickedListener Listener for option selection changes. 
OutlineElement A document outline element (or "table of contents entry"), usually the header of a chapter. 
OutlineElement.Builder Builder for OutlineElement
OutlineElement.OutlineElementStyle Style of outline element text. 
OutputStreamAdapter The OutputStreamAdapter allows you to use a WritableDataProvider in APIs that expect an OutputStream. 
OutputStreamAdapter.Builder Creates instances of the OutputStreamAdapter
OverlayLayoutParams Layout parameters for overlay views. 
OverlayLayoutParams.LayoutPosition Value used for defining whether to layout view around its center or from its top-left corner. 
OverlayLayoutParams.SizingMode Value used for defining how measuring and layouting of the view will work. 
OverlayViewProvider Base class for classes that can return a list of views that should be drawn on top of the document. 
OverlayViewProvider.OverlayViewProviderObserver An observer interested in changes to the underlying set of views. 


PageBinding Enum of the possible page bindings deciding how the document will be displayed. 
PageCanvas Represents a canvas drawing to be merged onto another PDF page. 
PageFitMode Describes default page display in the document view - either whole page will be shown or it'll be fit by width. 
PageImage Represents an image to be added to a PDF page. 
PageLayoutMode Describes how the pages will be laid out in the document view. 
PageNavigator Class responsible for managing current page and page navigation history in the PdfFragment
PageObjectProvider Base class for PdfDrawableProvider and OverlayViewProvider
PagePattern Tiling pattern for a new page. 
PagePdf Represents a PDF page to be merged onto another PDF page. 
PagePosition Represents alignment of an item on the page. 
PageRect This is a rect representing a page object drawn on screen. 
PageRenderConfiguration Advanced configuration for page rendering. 
PageRenderConfiguration.Builder Builder to create a PageRenderConfiguration instance  
PageScrollDirection Describes direction of page scrolling in the document view  
PageScrollMode Describes mode of page scrolling in the document view - either continuous or page by page (paginated). 
PageTemplate Can be used with DialogNewPageFactory and NewPageDialog to provide additional templates for the user to choose when creating new pages. 
PageZOrder Order of items added on the page. 
PdfActivity Activity with fully integrated views and behaviour. 
PdfActivityConfiguration Configuration for PDF display in a separate activity or PdfUiFragment
PdfActivityConfiguration.Builder Builder used to construct a PdfActivityConfiguration instance. 
PdfActivityConfiguration.SearchType Type of search. 
PdfActivityIntentBuilder Builder used for creating an intent for starting PdfActivity
PdfActivityListener This listener allows PdfActivity to receive document events. 
PdfBox Types of supported PDF page boxes. 
PdfConfiguration Configuration for the core of PSPDFKit rendering engine. 
PdfConfiguration.Builder Builder used to construct PdfConfiguration instance. 
PdfDocument A PDF document. 
PdfDocument.PageRotation Indicates that the returned value is a page rotation. 
PdfDocumentCheckpointer Handles documents checkpoint, cleaning and saving strategy. 
PdfDocumentCheckpointingStrategy The strategy used by the PdfDocumentCheckpointer to save checkpoints. 
PdfDocumentEditor Editor for PDF documents. 
PdfDocumentEditorFactory Document editor factory for pages manipulation, reordering and importing documents. 
PdfDocumentLoader Provides methods to obtain PdfDocument instances. 
PdfDrawable Drawable subclass for drawing on top of a PDF document. 
PdfDrawableManager Interface for objects that manage a list of PdfDrawableProvider instances. 
PdfDrawableProvider Interface for a class that can return a list of PdfDrawable instances that should be drawn on top of the document. 
PdfDrawableProvider.DrawableProviderObserver An observer interested in changes to the underlying set of drawables. 
PdfFocusRelativeLayout Implements custom focus searching logic to make keyboard navigation in PdfActivity more intuitive. 
PdfFragment Fragment that actually displays the PDF document. 
PdfFrameLayout Custom implementation of framework FrameLayout that correctly supports window insets. 
PdfLibrary PdfLibrary implements a SQLite-based full-text-search engine. 
PdfLog Logger used for logging inside PSPDFKit. 
PdfLog.Logger Interface for custom loggers that can be registered in PdfLog to implement custom logging strategies. 
PdfLog.LogPriority Priority of log messages. 
PdfMediaDialog A dialog used for displaying media playback. 
PdfOutlineView A layout containing the tab on the top and a view pager for switching between the outline, the list of annotations and the bookmarks. 
PdfOutlineView.DocumentOutlineProvider Interface to objects that provide outline elements. 
PdfOutlineView.OnAnnotationTapListener Annotation list tap listener. 
PdfOutlineView.OnOutlineElementTapListener Outline element tap listener. 
PdfOutlineView.OutlinePagerAdapter A state pager adapter controlling the pager items (outline view and annotation list view) that saves and restores View states. 
PdfPasswordView Password view used when accessing password protected documents. 
PdfPasswordView.OnPasswordSubmitListener Listener for entered password being submitted. 
PdfProcessor Copy, merge or modify PDF documents. 
PdfProcessor.ProcessorProgress Object representing processing progress. 
PdfProcessorException Thrown if there's an error while processing pages. 
PdfProcessorTask Represents a processing task for PdfProcessor
PdfProcessorTask.AnnotationProcessingMode Describes how an annotation will be processed by a processor. 
PdfProjection Projection between the normalized PDF coordinates and raw PDF coordinates. 
PdfReaderView Reader View component containing a styled web view for showing the reflowed text. 
PdfScrollableThumbnailBar Scrollable bar showing thumbnails of pages, with larger images. 
PdfSearchView Interface shared by the PdfSearchViewInline and the PdfSearchViewModular
PdfSearchView.Listener Listener for observing the search view. 
PdfSearchViewInline Search view to be placed in the action bar of a AppCompatActivity. 
PdfSearchViewLazy Lazy implementation of the PdfSearchView interface. 
PdfSearchViewLazy.OnViewReadyListener Listener notified once the lazy view is initialized. 
PdfSearchViewModular Search view sitting inside a panel that slides in above the rest of the content. 
PdfStaticThumbnailBar Bar showing thumbnails of pages for quick selection. 
PdfStaticThumbnailBar.LayoutStyle A PdfStaticThumbnailBar has two possible layout styles, depending on how it's planned to be used. 
PdfTabBar View showing horizontal list with document tabs. 
PdfTabBar.OnTabClickedListener Listener for clicks on tabs and their close buttons. 
PdfTabBar.OnTabsChangedListener Listener for changes to tabs list. 
PdfTabBarCloseMode Enum with possible states for tab close button. 
PdfTabBarItem Represents single tab in the PdfTabBar
PdfTextSelectionPopupToolbar Text selection implementation of the PopupToolbar
PdfThumbnailBar Bar showing thumbnails of pages for quick selection. 
PdfThumbnailBar.OnPageChangedListener Listener for receiving page changes caused by the user touching or dragging the PdfThumbnailBar
PdfThumbnailBarController Thumbnail bar controller used to control properties and actions of scrollable and static thumbnail bar. 
PdfThumbnailGrid Scrollable grid view of document pages. 
PdfThumbnailGrid.OnDocumentSavedListener Listener for document saving inside PdfThumbnailGrid
PdfThumbnailGrid.OnPageClickListener Listener for observing a PdfThumbnailGrid page click. 
PdfUi The API that is shared between PdfActivity and PdfUiFragment
PdfUiFragment Experimental API - Might change in the future. 
PdfUiFragmentBuilder Builder used for creating an PdfUiFragment
PdfUtils Collection of useful methods for working with PDF documents. 
PdfValue This represents a value stored inside a PDF document stream. 
PdfValue.PdfValueType Type of a value stored in the PDF document stream. 
PdfVersion PDF versions supported by PSPDFKit. 
PdfYouTubeActivity An activity for displaying YouTube content within the PDF. 
Pkcs12Signer A Signer that loads the signing certificate from a PKCS12 file. 
PKCS7 A representation of a PKCS7 structure that can be contained in a digital signature field. 
PKCS7SignatureContents Implementation of SignatureContents that returns PKCS7 container. 
PolygonAnnotation Represents a closed polygon on a page. 
PolylineAnnotation Represents a polyline on the page. 
PopupToolbar A class used for displaying a toolbar as a popup. 
PopupToolbar.OnPopupToolbarItemClickedListener Listener for menu item clicks. 
PopupToolbarMenuItem A class representation of a single popup toolbar menu item. 
PrecisionPickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking number of decimal points for float value rounding. 
PrecisionPickerInspectorView.PrecisionPickerListener Listener for precision value being picked. 
PredefinedStampType List of predefined stamp types. 
PresetMenuItemGroupingRule Menu item grouping rule to be extended by those rules that have predefined (preset) groups. 
PrintActivity Container for system print dialog. 
PrintOptions Options for document processing during the printing process created by DocumentPrintDialog and accepted by DocumentPrintManager
PrintOptionsProvider Allows you to provide default print options when the user hits the share button in the toolbar. 
PrivateKeySignatureProvider Signature provider using a KeyStore.PrivateKeyEntry to sign document data. 
PrivateKeySigner A Signer implementation for digitally signing PDFs using a KeyStore.PrivateKeyEntry. 
PrivateKeySigner.OnPrivateKeyLoadedCallback Callback for subclasses to provide the private key used for signing. 
Progress Information about a download running in a DownloadJob
ProgressDataProvider ProgressDataProvider is an interface which should be implemented by any DataProvider that should support providing document loading progress updates. 
PropertyInspector Top level layout of the generic properties inspector. 
PropertyInspector.ItemDecoration An ItemDecoration allows the application to add custom drawing to specific inspector views. 
PropertyInspector.OnCancelListener Listener for inspector cancellation. 
PropertyInspectorController An interface to be implemented by PropertyInspector through which other components can control the property inspector. 
PropertyInspectorCoordinatorLayout This layout is responsible for handling PropertyInspectors. 
PropertyInspectorCoordinatorLayoutController An interface to be implemented by PropertyInspectorCoordinatorLayout through which other components can control the property inspector coordinator layout. 
PropertyInspectorCoordinatorLayoutController.PropertyInspectorLifecycleListener Listener for the lifecycle of the PropertyInspector as it goes through the PropertyInspectorCoordinatorLayout
PropertyInspectorDividerDecoration PropertyInspector decoration providing simple dividers between items. 
PropertyInspectorView An interface to be implemented by views that can be added to PropertyInspector
PSPDFKit Main PSPDFKit entry point. 
PSPDFKitException Top level class for all PSPDFKit exceptions. 
PSPDFKitInitializationFailedException Thrown when current device isn't supported by PSPDFKit (Android version too old, wrong ABI). 
PSPDFKitInitializationProvider A provider used for initializing the PSPDFKit framework. 
PSPDFKitNotInitializedException Thrown when PSPDFKit calls are invoked without initializing the SDK first. 
PSPDFKitPreferences Allows you to read and write global preferences. 
PSPDFKitViews Interface for convenient access to views in a PSPDFKit activity. 
PSPDFKitViews.PSPDFView Shared interface of all auxiliary views (search view, thumbnail bar, grid, etc.) that are hosted inside the PdfActivity
PSPDFKitViews.Type Known auxiliary view types. 
PushButtonFormConfiguration Configuration class of PushButtonFormElement for the creation of a FormField using addFormElementToPage(String, T)
PushButtonFormConfiguration.Builder Builder used to construct PushButtonFormConfiguration instance. 
PushButtonFormElement A simple push button that responds immediately to user input without retaining any state. 
PushButtonFormField A simple push button that responds immediately to user input without retaining any state. 


QueryOptions Detailed options for querying the FTS database. 
QueryOptions.Builder Builder used to construct QueryOptions instance. 
QueryPreviewResult Result from a FTS search which includes preview entries. 
QueryResultListener Listener for document search query. 


RadioButtonFormConfiguration Configuration class of RadioButtonFormElement for the creation of a FormField using addFormElementsToPage(String, List) or addFormElementToPage(String, T)
RadioButtonFormConfiguration.Builder Builder used to construct RadioButtonFormConfiguration instance. 
RadioButtonFormElement A single radio button in a radio group represented by RadioButtonFormField
RadioButtonFormField A group of radio buttons in a PDF form that are mutually exclusive. 
Range Represents a range indexed from 0. 
RedactionAnnotation Represents a redaction annotation on the document. 
RedactionAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for redaction annotations. 
RedactionAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
RedactionAnnotationPreviewInspectorView Inspector view used for displaying redaction annotation preview. 
RedactionView Responsible for the UI used to apply redactions. 
RedactionView.OnRedactionButtonVisibilityChangedListener Listener receiving calls when redaction button collapses or expands. 
RedactionView.RedactionViewListener Listener receiving calls when redaction events are triggered. 
RedoEditFailedException Exception thrown by UndoManager if redoing of an edit failed. 
RenditionAction A rendition action controls the playing of multimedia content. 
RenditionAction.RenditionActionType Types of rendition actions. 
ResetFormAction Resets one or more form fields to their default value. 
ResizableAnnotation This is a marker interface used on resizable `Annotation` types. 
ResourceInterceptor Used to intercept resource requests in HtmlToPdfConverter to allow providing custom data for these resources. 
ResourceRequest Encapsulates request for a resource. 
ResourceResponse Encapsulates resource response. 
RichMediaAnnotation RichMedia annotations are defined in the ISO32000 Adobe Supplement and are the modern way of embedding video content. 
RichMediaExecuteAction Action for starting RichMediaAnnotations. 
RichMediaExecuteAction.RichMediaExecuteActionType Types of rich media execute actions. 


Scale A ratio of the size of an object as displayed on a document page to the size of a corresponding real-world object. 
Scale.UnitFrom Units available for the source scale value. 
Scale.UnitTo Units available for the target scale value. 
ScaleCalibrationPickerInspectorView Inspector component for setting measurement scale via calibration picker. 
ScaleCalibrationPickerInspectorView.CalibrationPickerListener Listener for calibration value being picked. 
ScalePickerInspectorView Inspector component for picking measurement annotation scale. 
ScalePickerInspectorView.ScalePickerListener Listener for scale value being picked. 
ScreenAdjustingEditText EditText that automatically changes the soft input mode when focused. 
ScreenAdjustingTextInputEditText TextInputEditText that automatically changes the soft input mode when focused. 
ScreenAnnotation A screen annotation (PDF 1.5) specifies a region of a page upon which media clips may be played. 
ScrollableThumbnailBarLayoutManager Layout manager for scrollable thumbnail bar. 
ScrollState Represents the scroll state of a PdfFragment
SearchConfiguration Class containing search configuration properties. 
SearchConfiguration.Builder Builder to create SearchConfiguration instances. 
SearchOptions Search options used when searching a loaded document for text. 
SearchOptions.Builder Builder for creating SearchOptions
SearchResult Represents a result found when searching for text. 
SearchResult.TextSnippet The SearchResult.TextSnippet can be extracted with a search result to present a preview text to the user. 
SearchResultHighlighter PdfDrawableProvider creating highlights based on a list of SearchResult instances. 
SettingsMenuItemType All items currently shown by default in the settings menu. 
SettingsModePicker Class is deprecated. 
SettingsModePicker.OnModeChangedListener On mode changed listener implemented by PdfUiImpl for reflecting the changes to page scroll, page layout, scroll direction, theme and screen timeout. 
SettingsModePickerItem Settings mode picker item used by SettingsModePicker
ShapeAnnotation Abstract base-class of all shape annotations: LineAnnotation, SquareAnnotation, CircleAnnotation, PolygonAnnotation, PolylineAnnotation
ShapeAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for shape annotations - SQUARE, CIRCLE and POLYGON
ShapeAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
ShapeAnnotationPreviewInspectorView Annotation inspector preview for shape annotations (line, square, circle etc.). 
ShareAction Defines supported share actions. 
ShareFeatures Supported sharing features that should be enabled in the user interface. 
ShareTarget Defines single target for share action. 
SharingMenu Bottom sheet menu displaying list of targets for sharing a document. 
SharingMenu.SharingMenuListener Listener for being notified of UI events on a SharingMenu
SharingMenuItem Specialization of ActionMenuItem representing single share target inside SharingMenu
SharingOptions Options for document processing during the sharing process. 
SharingOptionsProvider Allows you to provide default share options when the user hits the share button in the toolbar. 
Signature Represents a single signature (or signature item). 
SignatureAppearance Configures the appearance of digital signatures that are added to the document. 
SignatureAppearance.Builder A helper class used for building the SignatureAppearance
SignatureAppearance.SignatureAppearanceMode Controls how the digital signature will appear after signing. 
SignatureAppearance.SignatureGraphic Contains the graphic that will be used as the signature. 
SignatureCertificateSelectionMode Defines if certificate management/selection should be allowed for digitally signing a document. 
SignatureColorOptions Holds the 3 signature color options available when using the Electronic Signatures "Draw" or "Type" signing UI. 
SignatureContents An interface for producing content that will be inside the "/Contents" key of a signature dictionary. 
SignatureCreationMode The possible ways in which the user can input their signature. 
SignatureFormConfiguration Configuration class of SignatureFormElement for the creation of a FormField using addFormElementToPage(String, T)
SignatureFormConfiguration.Builder Builder used to construct SignatureFormConfiguration instance. 
SignatureFormElement Form element representing a signature field. 
SignatureFormField Represents a signature field in a form. 
SignatureInfoDialog Dialog showing information of a digital signature. 
SignatureManager Handles digital signature certificates. 
SignatureMetadata Additional metadata that can be added to digital signatures. 
SignatureMetadata.Builder A helper class used for building the SignatureMetadata
SignatureOptions Options for configuring the SignaturePickerFragment
SignatureOptions.Builder A helper class used for building the SignatureOptions
SignaturePickerFragment The `SignaturePickerFragment` can be used to create ink signatures to add to a document. 
SignaturePickerOrientation Screen orientation to use for the SignaturePickerFragment
SignatureProvider Interface for classes able to sign data of a PDF. 
SignatureSavingStrategy Strategy for saving signatures in the signature dialog. 
SignatureSignerDialog Dialog for signing a single SignatureFormField using a given Signer
SignatureSignerDialog.Options Collection of all the parameters the SignatureSignerDialog requires. 
SignatureSignerDialog.Options.Builder Allows you to create the SignatureSignerDialog.Options object to pass to the SignatureSignerDialog
SignatureStorage Handles storing signatures. 
SignatureUiData UI data for the newly drawn signature. 
Signer Represents a signer (person and algorithm) used to digitally sign a document. 
Signer.OnSigningParametersReadyCallback Callback passed to prepareSigningParameters(OnSigningParametersReadyCallback) whenever a signing process was initiated and the signer needs to load its SignatureProvider
SignerOptions Contains all the data needed to perform a signing operation. 
SignerOptions.Builder A helper class used for building the SignerOptions
SigningFailedException Thrown by Signer when signing of a document failed. 
SigningStatus Result of signing operation. 
SimpleActionMenuListener Empty implementation for ActionMenuListener
SimpleDocumentListener Empty implementation of the DocumentListener interface. 
SimpleInstantDocumentListener Empty implementation of InstantDocumentListener
SimpleOnImagePickedListener Empty implementation of the ImagePicker.OnImagePickedListener interface. 
SimpleSearchResultListener Empty implementation of the PdfSearchView.Listener interface. 
Size Data structure representing a size. 
SliderPickerInspectorView Picker with slider for picking numbers from integer range. 
SliderPickerInspectorView.SliderPickerListener Listener for picked values. 
SnappingPickerInspectorView Inspector component for turning snap to page graphics on or off for measurement annotations. 
SnappingPickerInspectorView.SnappingPickerListener Listener for snapping setting change. 
SoundAnnotation Represents an audio file added to a page. 
SoundAnnotation.IconName Denotes possible constants for sound annotation icons. 
SoundAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for sound annotations. 
SoundAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
SpecialModeController Base interface for all controllers handling special UI modes like annotation editing, text selection, etc. 
SquareAnnotation Represents a square rendered on the page. 
SquigglyAnnotation Represents a squiggly text underline on the page. 
StampAnnotation Represents a stamp or annotationBitmap annotation on the page. 
StampAnnotationConfiguration Configuration for stamp annotations. 
StampAnnotationConfiguration.Builder Interface for configuration builder. 
StampPickerItem Entity representing single stamp in StampPickerDialog. 
StampPickerItem.BitmapStampBuilder Builder for creating custom stamps with bitmap image. 
StampPickerItem.Builder Builder for creating custom stamps from PredefinedStampType or custom String stamp type. 
StampType The type of stamp a StampAnnotation has. 
StrikeOutAnnotation Represents a strike-out text on the page. 
SubmitFormAction PDF action for sending form data to a URI. 
SubmitFormAction.SubmitFormActionFlag Flags specifying various characteristics of form submit action. 


TabBarHidingMode Mode controlling whether the tab bar should be shown or hidden depending on if there are loaded documents. 
TempFileWritingStrategy A WritingStrategy that writes to a temporary file and writes to the WritableDataProvider only when all data was written. 
TextBlock Represents a text located on a document page. 
TextFormConfiguration Configuration class of TextFormElement for the creation of a TextFormField using addFormElementToPage(String, T)
TextFormConfiguration.Builder Builder used to construct TextFormConfiguration instance. 
TextFormElement Represents a text control in a PDF form. 
TextFormField A text form field in a PDF form. 
TextInputFormat Supported types of text input for forms. 
TextInputInspectorView Inspector component for entering some text. 
TextInputInspectorView.TextInputListener Listener for picked values. 
TextMarkupAnnotation Abstract base-class of all text markup annotations: HighlightAnnotation, SquigglyAnnotation, UnderlineAnnotation and StrikeOutAnnotation
TextSearch Searches text inside a PdfDocument
TextSelection TextSelection represents a selection of text on a document page. 
TextSelectionController Default controller given when entering text selection mode. 
TextSelectionController.OnSearchSelectedTextListener Listener invoked when TextSelectionController wants to perform search for the selected text. 
TextSelectionManager Interface for objects that manage a list of text selection listener instances. 
TextSelectionManager.OnTextSelectionChangeListener Listener for text selection changes. 
TextSelectionManager.OnTextSelectionModeChangeListener Listener for entering and exiting text selection mode. 
TextSelectionToolbar Toolbar displayed on text selection. 
ThemeMode Describes theme mode applied to the whole app. 
ThumbnailAdapter Recycler adapter for creating thumbnail views inside the PdfScrollableThumbnailBar
ThumbnailAdapter.OnThumbnailClickListener Listener for receiving page changes caused by the user touching the ThumbnailAdapter
ThumbnailBarMode Describes thumbnail bar mode. 
ThumbnailGridSpecialModeController A special mode controller bound to the PdfThumbnailGrid
TogglePickerInspectorView Inspector component for selecting boolean values. 
TogglePickerInspectorView.TogglePickerListener Listener for toggle changes. 
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout This layout is responsible for handling toolbars. 
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout.LayoutParams Layout parameters for ContextualToolbars added to ToolbarCoordinatorLayout
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout.LayoutParams.Position Possible toolbar positions on the screen. 
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout.OnContextualToolbarLifecycleListener Listener for the lifecycle of the ContextualToolbar as it goes through the ToolbarCoordinatorLayout
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout.OnContextualToolbarMovementListener Listener for ContextualToolbar movements inside the ToolbarCoordinatorLayout
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout.OnContextualToolbarPositionListener Listener for ContextualToolbar position changes inside the ToolbarCoordinatorLayout
ToolbarCoordinatorLayoutController An interface to be implemented by ToolbarCoordinatorLayout through which other components are enabled to control the toolbar movements, animations, etc. 
TranslateSubmenuToolbarCompletableOnSubscribe Asynchronously chainable animation on the submenu toolbar. 


UnderlineAnnotation Represents underlined text on the page. 
UndoEditFailedException Exception thrown by UndoManager if undoing of an edit failed. 
UndoManager A generic manager for undoing/redoing edits on a PdfFragment
UnitSelectionEditText Edit text with blocked selection to prevent user interacting with a unit label. 
UnitSelectionEditText.UnitSelectionListener Listener for unit values selection. 
UnknownAnnotation Represents an annotation that is currently not recognised and handled by PSPDFKit. 
UnknownFormElement Represents a form element that is currently not recognised and handled by PSPDFKit. 
UriAction PDF Action representing a link to an external URI. 
UriDataProvider A DataProvider that can return the source Uri it was created from. 
URLDownloadSource Download using a URL (usually from the web). 
UserInterfaceViewMode Describes user interface and system bars mode. 


ValidationStatus Represents overall validation status. 
ValueNewPageFactory A NewPageFactory that returns the same NewPage instance every time it is called. 
VerticalScrollBar Provides a vertical scroll indicator that can be dragged to change pages. 
VerticalScrollBar.OnPageChangeListener Interface for a listener that is notified of scrollbar page change events. 
VerticalTextAlignment Possible values for the vertical alignment of the text. 
ViewProjection Projection between the view coordinate space and the PDF coordinate space. 
ViewStatePagerAdapter A simple implementation of PagerAdapter that automatically saves and restores view states when returning to pages previously removed and after view pager's state restoration. 


WidgetAnnotation Represents the appearance of a field in interactive forms. 
WritableDataProvider WritableDataProvider is an interface which should be implemented by any DataProvider that should support saving PDF documents. 
WritableDataProvider.WriteMode Describes possible write modes for the output. 
WritingStrategy WritingStrategy is used by the OutputStreamAdapter to determine how writing to the WritableDataProvider is handled. 


XfdfFormatter Provides methods for exporting data in XFDF format from the document as well as parsing the existing XFDF data and applying it to the document. 
XfdfFormatterException Exception thrown by the XfdfFormatter when encountering an import/export error. 


ZIndexInspectorView Property inspector view with z-index movement buttons. 
ZIndexInspectorView.ZIndexChangeListener Listener for z-index order changes.